What is Textile Prototyping?

Textile prototype design is the process of bringing any sewing or fabric concept or idea into life, so that the final product can be introduced to the market. All products start from the “creative” stage – we help realize and concretize ideas. As a textile prototype manufacturer, our possibilities are unlimited – we will work with you and your team to help solve your business needs and make your concept a reality. C4eb has helped hundreds of enterprises bring concepts into life, and your printed promotional products may be the next!

Test your design with our full prototyping service

Before starting a production run, it is important to ensure that your design meets the specifications and fits the application it is designed for. As an iterative process, the prototype design includes:

  1. Consulting – we understand your goals and make recommendations on construction, fabric selection and finishing.
  2. Construction – we can use physical objects and “build” around them or use PS graphics.
  3. Fine tuning – we will then work with you to ensure that the prototype meets your exact specifications and fine tune as necessary.

Once your prototype is completed, we can make an industrial model for you and carry out complete production operation on site.

We will bring vitality to your new sewing products

If you have any ideas about the new sewing products,now you need a sewing prototype. Maybe you have a detailed drawing, or you only have a sketch.

No matter what your starting point is, C4eb will help you realize the vision of new sewing products. Our creative design team will communicate with you to understand the complex details of your vision, and then continue to design and build prototypes for you, while maintaining complete confidentiality and paying high attention to the manufacturability of products. In the design process, we can help you select the correct textile materials, thread types, hardware components, zipper types, etc., including product functions and target costs.

At every step of the process, we will keep your ultimate goal in mind. Contact us today and let’s start on your prototype!

Learn more about our Textile Prototyping

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about textile prototypes and prototype sewing capabilities. We also encourage you to browse our customized products and customized manufacturing pages to learn about other examples of our customized printing and sewing functions. Customer service can also help by phone – we know you have a problem, so we’re here to help!